Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clasical Proportions of the Human Head

Here are some drawings I did based upon the Drawing Academy lesson five part 1/5 drawing the human head.

This is a drawing I did before I took the lesson above...can you see how I am not well proportioned? I really recommend the drawing academy Vladimir's lessons are the best I have seen on the internet. His lesson will ground you in the basics and really improve your drawings.

Friday, September 11, 2015

In the house

I was inspired by this website to take the waterlogueing of photos into the house and see what banal like settings it could make beautiful. In the post I linked you too, Heather was capturing flowers mostly but it was the tools on the table that peeked my interest. Here are some pictures from my home that I created.

Waterlogue...I am in Love

I am beginning my art-every-day commitment with a new app on my iPhone called waterlogue. It takes my not-so-great photos and turns them into something much more pleasing to the eye. You can purchase the app from the apple store of $2.99 and then you are ready to begin. I started off by taking some common place pictures of things I see to and fro on my way to the school to pick up my boys. Have a look. First the not-so-good photo...

Then what I got when I manipulated it in waterlogue. Cool huh?!?

 Here are a few more waterlogued pictures from that outing...